In Brief

Sipho P. Malapane, Dr Sipho P. Malapane is A Super Think Tank, Minister of faith, Entrepreneur, Writer, Trainer, Dancer, Politician. He is the author of Mkhuzelwa - The Creed Of Epistles, famous for the poem "I Am A Black Man".
He also is the owner of Avataria Kutani Interspace Administration cc, the Bishop and Founder of True Vine, The Commission Of Force against inHumanity and, the Federal Protection Bureau.
In faith based circles, Sipho P. Malapane is fondly known as “The Preaching Machine” or rather “The Emperor Of Faith”.


Current Position(s)


CEO and Founder/ Motivational Speaker, Administration General/ Public Profile, (2011 - present)

CEO and Founder, Beauty Services, Dream Ice Hair Salons (2011 - present)

CEO and Founder, Vehicle Services, Avataria Motor Works (2011 - present)

CEO and Founder, Manufacturing, Sun Brickery (2011 - present)

CEO and Founder/ Author, Literature, Mkhuzelwa Publications (2011 - present)

CEO and Founder, Security, KD-CPPU (2011 - present)

CEO and Founder, Administration General, Commision Of Force Against inHumanity (2011 - present)

CEO and Founder, Administration General, 24/7 Food Chain (2011 - present)

Poet, Creative Arts, (2010 - present)

Bishop , Faith, True Vine (2010 - present)

CEO and Founder, Sport, Prodigees Basket Ball Team (2007 - present)

CEO and Founder, Administration General, Diamond Hydras Football Club (2007 - present)

To live is to make a difference whilst others watch. To exist is to  watch whilst  others make the difference.

Only those who bring the difference are remembered—mostly by those who watch it happen!

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